Glass Buddha Lampwork Tutorial learn facial sculpting, eBook


LAMPWORK TUTORIAL | Glass Buddha Head e-book for intermediate glass lampwork artists, a super introduction to hot glass facial sculpting!

You can use this Tutorial to learn to make Glass Beads with Facial expressions, and minute facial details.

Twelve pages & 74 Glossy Glass Bead Photos & step-by-step easy to follow instructions on how to make a gorgeous glass Buddha head out of (soft coe 96-104)soda lime glass.

Use this project as a diving board to jump into the sea of organic glass sculpting, once you have brought a face to life from molten glass, you will want to make another and another, and another:)

This e-book is for intermediate Glass Lampwork artists who know the basics of hot glass work although if you are a beginner it is a great introduction and teaches you new ways to use glass as your canvas. 

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