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Enjoy our Organic Tea Collection!
Organic Teas use no chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers, to grow or process the tea after it is harvested. Instead, farmers use natural processes to create a sustainable tea crop.

Organic Tea

Tea co
ntains quite a lot of vitamins and minerals which will help build your strength. Vitamin H which is found in tea will help build your metabolism. It will also promote healthy skin as well as healthy hair.

Vitamin D which helps to reduce depression and promote bone health is also found in tea. It can also help to reduce diabetes which is one of the most common health conditions in the world today.

If you can drink at least two cups of organic tea a day you will be able to enjoy a number of great health benefits. 

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Octopus Charm Tea Ball Infuser with Aqua and Lilac
  • $22.50
Book Tea Infuser
  • $25.20


Marauder's Map Tea Infuser
  • $25.20
Porcelain Tea Set
  • $191.25
Love is Brewing' Heart Tea Infuser
  • $19.00
White porcelain 3-piece tea-set
  • $112.50


Lavender Earl Grey Hand Blended Loose Leaf
  • $13.30
Sleep Blend
  • De $15.00
Creative Blend
  • De $15.00
Happy Blend
  • De $15.00
Detox Blend
  • De $15.00
Immune Blend
  • De $15.00