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Signature BajaTiki brand fashion and decor. Bohemian Beach Vibes, each item is hand cut, sewn, and created to order using premium fabrics and components. Each series is a limited time edition, designs update often, enjoy collecting your favorites!

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Mojo Board Shorts
  • De $105.00
Hibiscus Electric Blue Bucket Hat
  • $57.00
Hibiscus Electric Blue Bone China Mug
  • De $34.00
Picture Perfect Cufflinks
  • $42.00
Picture Perfect Mens Swimming Shorts
  • De $108.00
Picture Perfect Slim Fit Mens T-Shirt
  • $48.00
Picture Perfect Board Shorts
  • De $105.00
Cacti Bloom White Cake Stand
  • $79.00
Cacti Bloom White Board Shorts
  • De $105.00
Cacti Bloom White Clutch Bag
  • $84.00
Cacti Bloom White Hard Glasses Case
  • De $45.00
Cacti Bloom White Sunglasses
  • $65.00