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A curated collection of unique jewelry designing finds in boho and beach style presented by BAJATIKI.

Jewelry designing supplies, jewelry display, and retail packaging, your premium source for bohemian creative inspiration.

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Amazonite + Chohua Jasper Gemstone Drop Beads
  • $25.88
Natural Faceted Teardrop Gemstone Pendant Beads
  • De $8.95
Pink Conch Shell Earring Bead Pair Ornate Rounds
  • $14.02
Pink Conch Shell Carved Starfish + Flowers Bead Pair
  • $18.15
Natural Pink Conch Shell Carved Earring Bead Pair
  • $14.02
Natural Amazonite + Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Bead Pair
  • $22.20
Pink Starfish Conch Shell Earring Bead Pair
  • $15.30
Pink Conch Shell Carved Leaf Earring bead Pair
  • $15.22
Natural Coral Earring Bead Pair
  • $21.55
Bamboo Ring Jewelry Display
  • $40.07
Jewelry Card and Gift Boxes Set of 100
  • $39.97
Natural Red Jade Gemstone Beads
  • De $12.53