Tiny Tattoo Set of 22 Temporary Tattoo, Dainty Vintage Temporary Tattoo

$15 $24

These petite, vintage-inspired tattoos will give you all the style you need, without all the drama. Get ready to rock that classic, dainty look any day! A perfect addition to any outfit!


  •••••• Set of 22 Small Tattoo ••••••

This item contains 1 sheet of 22 different Tiny temporary tattoo that look very realistic!

Diamond Tattoo
Cat Face Tattoo
Rainbow Tattoo
LOVE Tattoo
Flower Tattoo

Sheet SIZE:
2.5 inch x 4 inch
6 cm x 10.5 cm

This high quality temporary tattoo can last on average 2-5 days depends on where you place the tattoo.

Temporary Tattoo Easy application!

How to apply the tattoo:

Cut out the pattern you would like to apply
Make sure your skin is clean and no oil so the tattoo can last longer
Remove clear sheet
Place tattoo face down on skin
Wet the tattoo thoroughly with a wet kitchen towel or a wet sponge
After 20-30 seconds gently remove the paper
Allow the tattoo to dry for a minute
Enjoy your new temporary tattoo!

How to remove the tattoo:

Apply a small amount of baby oil or olive oil to the tattoo.
Let it soak in for a minute.
Then scrub it off with a wash cloth.
Rubbing over with alcohol will remove the tattoo instantly.

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