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Slip into Heart of Glass Jewelry by Jenelle Aubade, a line of bohemian hand-knotted necklaces featuring artisanal glass beads crafted over an open flame by Jenelle Aubade herself, capturing the spirit of a free-spirited oasis where the sand meets the sea.

Each necklace is a labor of love and a narrative of elegance, blending timeless bohemian charm with a modern twist, perfect for adorning the soulful wanderer. With designs inspired by the serene blues of the ocean and the earthy tones of the desert, these necklaces are wearable art, promising to infuse your ensemble with the free-spirited essence of Bajatiki’s coastal desert paradise. Embrace the artisanal beauty and the whisper of adventure with Heart of Glass Jewelry—where each bead is a touchstone, and every necklace reflects a journey.