Tribal Dress • Boho Dresses for Women • Bohemian Dress • Sage Green Boho Goddess Dress • Summer Dress • Ethnic Handwoven Macrame Dress

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  • Handmade
  • Light organic cotton sustainably dyed


    To get the most magical shades with care for the planet and your health, while creating our new collection, we use only botanic dyes in the dying process, including indigo plant, rosewood bark, mango leaves and other botanical treasures.

    Making this choice is not accidental, as we transmit through these colours the greatness of our mother nature, the beauty of our planet. We conduct the perfect natural vibration.
    Our Tribal dress is made of organic cotton threads. Made entirely by hands in the macro technique.

    The outfit will give your image lightness and lightness.
    Great in combination with a simple slip dress or with a corset set.

    It will also look great on a simple crop top in combination with jeans or leggings
    You might want to complete this look with rough shoes and a hat recreating a super stylish image.



    Light Cotton Sustainably Dyed

    Our experience showed that customers keep coming back to our shop not only due to the exceptional design of the garments but also due the fabric.
    The fabric of the garments is so soft, comfy and breathable, they beg to be worn! Knowing the feeling of it on your skin might make it difficult to switch to something else!

    This product is presented in 4 sizes and fits: XS / S / M / L


    719 gr / 25.33 oz

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