Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser - Mirror 3D Fireworks Aromatherpay Mist


Enjoy the exquisite beauty of this Colourful 3D LED Aromatic Lamp and Humidifier. This is truly a high quality glass piece, and not only functions as an air diffuser but as an enchanting decorative addition to your home.

Its unique 'fireworks' 3D colour effect can easily be relaxing enough to use as a lamp or night light in a kids bedroom or even if you own!

Pair with your favourite essential oil to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enjoy general well-being.


  • 7 exquisite changing colours
  • 3D effect
  • Creative decor piece and functional diffuser
  • Can be used as a lamp or night light
  • Ultrasonic technology -
- no burning
- built-in over heating protection
- ensures integrity of the essential oil molecular structure
  • Allows healthy bodily absorption, reduce stress, purify air from germs and allergens, improve room environment and more
  • Auto Shut-off when water runs out


  • Main Material: ABS, PP, PCB, Glass
  • Effective Capacity: 200ml
  • Operating Hours: Spray volume around 4 hours
  • Rated Power: Spray volume power 15.6 watts
  • Colour Option: Colour changing or 1 colour only or no colour at all
  • Mist only option
  • Approximate size of unit: 25cm (H) x 16cm (W)
  • Base Size: approximately 10cm in length 

How To Use

Please take care when handling this product and always support the base when lifting and picking it up.

  1. Take the 3D glass cover and lid off
  2. Connect the adapter to the DC jack
  3. Add clean water and 2-3 drops of essential oil
  4. cover the machine with the lid and the 3D glass cover, plug the power adapter into power outlet.


1 x 3D Glass Mirror Diffuser
1x Adapter
1x Users Manual

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