Chamomile Vanilla Natural Body Butter Cream | Vegan Cruelty-Free Zero Waste Minimalist Plant-Based Handmade Soft Moisturizer With Raw Mango

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  •   Our CHAMOMILE VANILLA NATURAL BODY BUTTER CREAM is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and scented with certified organic chamomile essential oil and vanilla CO2 to give you real aromatherapy. It’s the perfect combo of a thick, moisturizing body butter and a hydrating lotion, which is why we’ve called it a “butter cream”. The base is RAW mango butter as it preserves its natural regenerative vitamins and minerals (vs. refined) while having no distinct smell (vs. other unrefined butters). For fast skin absorption, we’ve included high linoleic sunflower oil. It applies smoothly and works on all skin types.

    We use sterile and lead-free equipment.

    - Chamomile Vanilla: essential oils that help calm the senses before sleep
    - Real Strawberry: supercritical CO2 extract that retains the scent and phytonutrients of the real fruit
    - Unscented: for those with extra sensitive skin

    distilled water, *sunflower seed oil, plant-derived emulsifier, virgin mango butter, *vegetable glycerin, plant-derived cetyl alcohol, *vanilla CO2, essential oils of *chamomile & *ylang-ylang, Liquid Germall™ Plus

    *certified USDA organic

    - An emulsifier is needed so that the oils and water in lotions don’t separate.
    - Cetyl Alcohol is NOT the drying kind of “alcohol” we typically see such as isopropyl or ethanol. On the contrary, it is an emollient that improves the slip of our product and adds body to it without the tackiness of wax.
    - Liquid Germall™ Plus is a preservative and the only synthetic ingredient you will find in our products. We add just a smidgen in our water-based formulas to prevent fungus and mold from growing. We look at it as a small “nasty” compromise to keep the real nasty stuff away. Vitamin E doesn’t work either as this is an antioxidant and doesn’t actually do the job. You are always free to have it removed. However, your product will have a much shorter shelf life (about 2 weeks max, refrigerated).

    TO USE:
    Apply liberally on skin. As a safety precaution, always do a patch test 24 hours before fully using a new skincare product. Stop use if rash occurs.

    - 2.4 oz. (net weight)
    - 4.8 oz. (net weight)
    - 8 oz. (net weight)

    All sizes come in glass jars and aluminum lids.

    Except for our jar liners and spray bottles caps, all other packaging material we use for our products is biodegradable, recyclable, and recycled (down to the labels and shipping tape!). Each purchase helps us reach our goal of being a 100% plastic-free shop.

    For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach from children. We are not doctors and none of our claims have been evaluated by the FDA. All facts, details, recommendations on this shop are for your information only and not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any diseases. If you are under medical care, pregnant, or have any health problems, you may want to talk to your doctor before using our products. Sow Natural Skincare LLC cannot be held liable for any allergic reactions that may occur. Use at your own risk.

    ***A portion of each sale goes to Nova Ukraine, a local nonprofit organization actively offering humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.

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