Cortez Turquoise Art Glass Necklace


Cortez Turquoise - handmade glass lampwork beaded necklace, Italian Teal, bohemian turquoise, vermillion sunset ruby ... ocean jewel tones.

 The Beautiful Details - 31 inches of my handmade glass lampwork beads, this strand hangs to 15 or so inches. Designed around 3 special Sun baked sand and turquoise disk beads, etched smooth and matte like sea glass, this strand is hand knotted with textured and lightly faceted accents in a warm Caribbean Summer ocean theme. The Closure doubles as a focal point for versatility.

The glass I melted for you in this design forms both a smooth and glossy color pallet including premium ruby pink, silvered ivory, light ivory, twisting cane with raku, and filligrana cane.

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