Off White Ethnic Blouse • Embroidered Sheer Tank Tee • Bohemian Blouse Frayed • Boho Oversized Tribal Top • Minimalist Women's Blouses

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Our hand-loomed boho top is unique and stylish garment it feels as second skin to dress your inner spirit as it pure sustainable top for women.
This bohemian top is entirely made by hands we used ancient technic and traditional crafts while we created this unique item.
For more classy look we recommend to combine this boho blouse with linen pants.

As this boho blouse is hand-loomed we recommend to wash it by hands, in warm water with natural soap.
And soak the garment for a few hours and then rinse it well with cold water.

Pure Organic Hand-loomed Cotton


This product is presented in one size which fits : XS / S / M /L

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