Sage Smudge Kit - 2 White Sage Bundles 4" inch, Abalone Shell 5-6" inch + Stand, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Blue Agate Bracelet & Instructions

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  •   Your smudging kit comes with 2 White Sage Smudge Sticks (4" long), a 5-6" Abalone Shell with Stand, a Smudging Feather, a Rose Quartz stone & Amethyst Stone (with pouch) for loving energy and connection and finally a one size fits all Blue Agate Bracelet!

    Also included is a small 2 page instructional guide complete with blessings.

    All of these items are intended for spiritual use and development - cleansing, smudging, meditation, yoga, and relaxation/stress relief to name a few.

    All of our sage is entirely hand picked (very carefully!), hand tied and packaged with love and care. The sage comes from private land in a mountainous region around California. By picking the sage it helps spread small seeds on to the ground and gives birth to new sage plants. These perennial herbs grow naturally in their original habitat just as they have for millennia.

    The beautiful and natural Abalone shell comes from the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean, hand caught 1-by-1 via divers under a strict daily limit to ensure the species is well managed. Many other species of Abalone are not managed nearly as well and we are proud to support a more sustainable environment.

    Rose quartz is cut, shaped and polished after it's pulled from the ground in Africa. Rose Quartz is a soft pink element representing and manifesting love, trust, connection and harmony.

    Amethyst is a beautiful purple element representing and manifesting Confidence, Intuition, Creativity all while Purifying Negative Energy.

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