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Red Hibiscus Art Glass Necklace
  • $399.00
Purple Sea Star Art Glass Necklace
  • $425.00
Balandra Beach Seashell Pink Art Glass Necklace
  • $399.00
Cortez Turquoise Art Glass Necklace
  • $425.00
Peacock Beach Throw
  • $45.00
Summer Halter Low Waist Bikini
  • $42.87
Halter Top Tankini Swimsuit
  • $59.97
Desert Island Swim Suit
  • $36.00
Handwoven Cotton Knot Shirt
  • $74.74
Open Back Midi Dress
  • $43.00
Casual Denim Day Dress
  • $46.48
Vintage Printed Halter Backless Dress
  • $32.61
Activated Charcoal Dry Clay Mask
  • $45.00
Turmeric Dry Clay Mask
  • $45.00
Matcha Tea Dry Clay Mask
  • $45.00
Chocolate Dry Clay Mask
  • $45.00

Art Glass Beads are our in house specialty

Baja Ocean and Desert inspired bohemian art glass beads, handmade lampwork, because heirloom quality matters in one-of-a-kind Jewelry Design.

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Oh my god!!! These are even more gorgeous in person! Jenelle - you have outdone yourself! Love them!!!!! Thanks so much


Your beads are absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm going to love designing with these. Thank you!!!

Linda Landig

I truly could not ask for any better service. I KNOW going into most of these orders that there is a wait time because they are made to order, so I just plan ahead. As always, everything arrived in spectacular condition and even better looking than in the pictures!

Barn Swallow Jewelry

Love, Love, Love these handmade glass lampwork beads! I can't wait to start creating!

Creations by Cynthia Ebner

Beautiful. Love the texture. Thanks!

Lori O'Heren

Beautiful beads, exactly as pictured, & fast shipment! :D Thanks so much!

Fire Spirit Beads and Supplies

Hi Jenelle, I just received my gorgeous Beads and they are so wonderful I just love to look at them. I'll love working with them too, but first just have to admire them for a while first. You out did yourselves on these, just so Gorgeous ~ Thank you so much.  Teresa

TEV Design

Wow! These are even better in real life! Hope to work with them this afternoon. Thank you for such an amazing product and for shipping out so quickly!

Shadow Dog Designs Jewelry
Caribbean Ruby Organic Bead Set
  • $45.00
Caribbean Ruby Round Bead Set
  • $59.00
Deep Sunset Glass Heart Focal Bead
  • $39.00
Deep Sunset Glass Diamond Bead Set
  • $89.00
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Peacock Beach Throw
  • $45.00
Balinese Woven Hand Fan
  • $46.06
Wrought Iron Solar Lamp
  • $57.98
Lotus Blue Olefin / Frieze Rug
  • $471.03
Camari Cream Olefin / Frieze Accent Rug
  • $51.02
Round Silver Quatrefoil Wall Mirror
  • $97.52
Woven Rattan Mirror
  • $206.24
Ceramic Temple Jar
  • $124.81

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